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Grey & Pewter Autumn / Winter Wedding Inspiration

Each month we intend on bringing you a wedding colour guide with some inspiration from our friends on Pinterest and our recycled stationery range.

This month we bring you Grey, pewter and silver, which are still proving popular for Autumn / Winter wedding colours.

Sparklers -

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If you are considering grey for your big day, why not combine this classic colour with a new level of elegance and chic by mixing in a few modern stags. Colours can be bold with red, or choose dusky pink for a more subtle theme.

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Mix a little bit of elegance with modern bright white as your base colour for your theme. 

Grey can also be matched with tones of pewter and silver for a little bit of  sparkle, and are ideal for Autumn or Winter weddings.

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Bridesmaids ..

Knitted wool wrap - Sheinside via Pinterest
Two bridesmaid dresses MODwedding via pinteret
Fur wraps from via pinterest

When it comes to colour and texture for your bridesmaids - anything goes!  
If you are having a late summer wedding, different shades of grey are suitable, or if your wedding is Autumn Winter, add a little shrug or fur wrap to complete your theme. 

Simple white roses and gypsophila are ideal flower colours to really bring the grey theme together.
With so many talented cake designers out there, why not carry your silver theme through to your cake too?  
We think this cake with the stag on is amazing!


Or ask your cake designer to create a mixture of grey, white and pewter cupcakes.

For the table ...
Add some grey or pewter candle holders to a brilliant white table cover to carry the theme through the whole day. Candles can be real flame or battery operated candles.

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We like simple grey napkins with a spring of rosemary and a personalised place name tag.

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For a really unusual table planner, purchase an old mirror from an antique centre (or car boot if you are lucky enough to find one!). Spray paint the frame with pewter or silver spray, most home DIY stores sell it in spray cans. Using a white glass marker pen to add your guests table names or numbers, and their names.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Grey & Pewter wedding inspiration, and remember – if you would like any wedding stationery samples that are both eco-friendly AND gorgeous view our website at or just get in touch either by email or phone…

Friday, 23 September 2016

Top Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Here at Razzle Dazzle Rose we pride ourselves on our Eco- Friendly reputation and always strive to maintain this ethos in everything that we do. There are lots of great ideas for making your wedding as environmentally friendly as possible and we thought we would share some of our favourite tips and ideas with you.

An Eco Friendly wedding is actually quite easy to achieve, just ask yourself - Can this be re-used? Has this product come from a sustainable source? Will my wedding leave a large carbon footprint?

Recycled Wedding Stationery

Let’s start with Wedding Stationery, which is very close to our heart. Here at Razzle Dazzle Rose we strive to use recycled materials whenever possible and we are proud to be members of The Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme. We donate a percentage of our sales from card stock to The Woodland Trust for new tree growth in natural woodland.

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Brown Kraft card is a wonderful product and is made from 100% recycled pulp board. It teams up really well with other colours too and lends itself beautifully to a ‘rustic’ wedding style. Above are some of our favourites….

Use Natural Confetti

There are some gorgeous natural confetti ideas out there, we especially love this biodegradable leaf confetti. This would be a brilliant project for younger members of the family to undertake, it’s easy to do and would definitely make the children feel part of the proceedings.

                                                                              photo credit

Other lovely confetti ideas are old music sheets rolled to form a cone and filled with dried lavender – just imagine the wonderful aroma! Alternatively, brown kraft paper cones can be filled to the brim with dried flower petals – very pretty!


                        photo credit Eric Foley                

Wedding Favours – Give Useable instead of Disposable

We love, love, love these little herb favours! Seeds are carefully wrapped in pages from pre loved books, tied with garden twine and stamped with the variety on the front. They look very rustic and could be grouped in a shallow basket with a sign…perhaps ‘Let Love Grow’

    photo credit Magnolia Market

Recycled/Growing Table Decorations

A collection of washed tins can be used for planting succulents or herbs to make an eye-catching table centerpiece. A table number tag can be made from a recycled kraft card and attached to a wooden skewer to give it a bit of height. The best thing is that these little tins can be given away at the end of the day.
photo credit Annemari Ruthven

Here’s Your Glass For the Night….

This is a great idea for keeping the washing up to a minimum, if paper straws and recycled name tags are used too it’s a sure fire eco-friendly alternative to hiring lots of glasses.

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Choose Local & Seasonal Food

By opting for local suppliers and seasonal produce you will be helping the local community as well as keeping down on transportation costs and effects on the environment.
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Consider Renting Props

There are some fantastic wedding hire companies around these days and you can source some amazing props for your wedding. These range from photo backdrops to chalk board signs and table plans written on old window frames. All these items can be used again and again for future weddings.

Image From You & Your Wedding

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Image WeddingWire

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Top Eco Friendly Wedding Tips and remember – if you would like any wedding stationery samples that are both eco-friendly AND gorgeous just get in touch either by email or phone…