Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Vintage Christmas Giftware

NEW Christmas Shop now open!

The nights are drawing in, the central heating is already on, it's time to start your Christmas crafting, AND it's only 77 days until Christmas, 11 weeks or 1848 hours away! 

We have opened our Christmas shop on our website, which is packed with lovely goodies to make such as Christmas flower kits, brown kraft paper bag kits, pre-printed Christmas cards and much more. all our kits are made with recycled materials, and all the matching ribbons are available too, and are supplied to us by Jane Means. We also have all a new tools and materials section with glue, tape and embossing tools.

We hope that we have something on offer to tempt to all. 

Recycled red and Green card pillow boxes 
Brown kraft Gift bag kits 

With so many of you buying the poinsettia flower kits from us, we thought it would be a good idea to show you a tutorial on how to make them. 


In your flower kit, you will receive the following:

25 large green Leaves
25 large red petals
25 medium petals
25 mini petals
green foliage

Firstly, if you are using a hot glue gun, switch it on!  Otherwise, incredibly tacky glue is good, and can be purchased in our tools and materials section.

For each flower, you need 1 green large leaf, 1 large red leaf, 1 medium leaf, 1 mini leaf and green foliage. 

To make the flowers you need to add each flower one at a time, starting at the bottom green leaf - and build up one petal at a time, using glue until you reach the small petal for the top.

To make the petals and leaves look realistic, you need to break up the fibres by rubbing in small circles with a embossing tool. (Also available in our tools shop) I used the largest of the round heads for ease of purpose... Using the tool. rub in small circles all over each petal, it will make the leaves curl up slightly, this is how they are meant to look.

 Once you have rubbed all the leaves and petals, you need to adhere all the petals together. By pressing down in the middle of the leaf with your embossing tool in one hand, and your glue in the other hand, add a tiny amount of glue into the middle like this:

 It doesn't matter if you add a little too much glue at this stage, as it won't be shown. Add a petal at a time, adding glue after each layer. 

 Keep going until you reach the final flower, be careful not to add too much glue at this stage when you add the final flower...

Lift the top petals randomly and add a little of the green foliage here and there.. I have added 4 to each flower, but you don't have to add that many if you don't want to!

 Add a little pearl to the centre ( available here ) to complete.
 Finally,leave them to dry for a while, or for a few hours if you are in a hurry! scrunch the leaves up a little more if you want to give a little more character...

Decorate your Christmas gift boxes, gift bags, cards etc! 

Have fun!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Vintage Cream Wedding Favours

More Vintage Cream Fleck Card Products ...

Hello Everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you our latest range of recycled products that are now available in our shop. We finally have gift boxes, pillow boxes and CD sleeves available to match our Vintage /cream fleck card.  The vintage cream flecked products are all made from 100% recycled card stock, and match beautifully with our without our brown kraft products.

We were asked to create a range of hot pink and cream wedding stationery for one of our clients, and this is what we came up with.

Here's what we used:

15mm Grosgrain Raspberry pink ribbon from 

Vintage cream fleck CD sleeve with insert card, this was used for the wedding invitation, with the wedding details printed inside the CD sleeve, Vintage cream fleck pillow box, and vintage cream fleck recycled favour boxes, all available on my website here:

15mm hot pink ribbon (jane

7mm raspberry pink (

a little natural raffia

50mm Eleganza web ribbon www.michaeldarkltd

Printable tags available here

Vintage cream fleck paper flower kit available here

Hope you like them!  We decided to have a play with some more of our boxes, using other colours from Jane Means Ribbon Range ...

mixed 'raspberry pink' and 'squadron blue' ribbon, 50mm Eleganza web ribbon and handmade paper flower and printable tag ...
just 'squadron blue' with 50mm Eleganza web ribbon and a handmade paper flower...
mixture of both !

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gatefold Card Tutorial

                                   SQUARE GATEFOLD CARD TUTORIAL

Hi Everyone,

Today we have been busy designing some new cards for our website, and thought we would share a lovely tutorial with you. We have some new Square gatefold cards and DL size gatefold card kits, both are now available in our shop.

Here we have printed on one of square gatefold card inserts as a wedding invitation, added one of our brown paper doilies and completed the card with some gorgeous wired ribbon from Jane Means ( and simply finished with a printable tag and a handmade paper flower.

Print the insert card with your desired birthday message, wedding invitation details or Christmas greeting as above.. 

Use doubled sided tape to adhere your printed insert to the middle part of the card base. 

You then need to add double sided tape to the back side of the paper doilie, and place centrally onto the front left hand flap of the card. 

This is so your card can open and close without the doilie sticking to the opposite side of the card. 

Add your ribbon, and a printable tag with your printed message or wedding date, tie a bow with your wired ribbon, and add a paper flower to finish!
Our Supplies:

Square Gatefold card kit here:
brown paper doilie here:
wired ribbon from Jane Means here:
Recycled paper flower here:

                                                             DL GATEFOLD CARD TUTORIAL 

The same principle applies to the DL gatefold card kits, except you can punch holes to tie your twine or ribbon to the front of your card.

print your insert card and add double sided tape the the back of the card and adhere to the middle of the folded card.

Measure 105mm lengthways in and score a faint line using a braddle on the inside of your card 

and do the same again on the opposite flap.

Measure the width inside and add a score line to meet 15mm, this is where you need to punch your holes on both sides.

Thread your jute twine,or ribbon from the back of the card, and tie into a bow at the front. here we have added one of our printable tag to complete the card.

Our Supplies:

 DL Gatefold card kit here
Recycled paper flower here:
printable tags here

hope you like them!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wedding Cheque Book Invitations

Wedding Cheque Book Invitations


So many of my customers purchase wedding cheque book style invitations from my website, and have no idea how to print on them. Here we show you how to create these simple, but stunning cheque books style invitations for your wedding. 

The cheque book kits come with:

275gm Blank Brown kraft card front and back cover
3 x 100gsm Blank kraft paper insert sheets
Matching Brown Kraft 120gsm DL Envelopes

The covers and inserts are pre drilled, and creased to the left hand side.
The kits are available in packs of 25 cheque books.

Each cheque book ‘sheet’ comes pre-drilled, and creased, with a front and back cover and three insert sheets that can all be easily printed from your home printer. 

Firstly, using Microsoft word, you need to choose the paper size to print directly onto the sheets. Choose page layout, size, from the drop down menu choose DL long edge, this will change your page size to the correct size required to print onto your cover and inserts correctly.  

From the tabs at the top of the screen, choose home, then insert tab, then add text box, choose text direction tab, then rotate the text by 90 degrees so the text direction is in line with the DL size you want to print on.

You can add your designs, or artwork, and add your chosen wording. Remember to leave at least a 20mm gap at the left hand side when typing for the creasing and the drill holes.

Repeat this process for your insert sheets adding the details of your wedding date, time and location, the remaining sheet can be a rsvp to your guests etc.

                                                                                                                                                                                       You need to then alter your printer tray to fit the card and insert sheets like this:

There is usually a DL indicated or Envelope indicator printed on the paper tray. Move the tabs at the side so the card cover fits. Print on the reverse side of the card with the two holes nearest to you.  Repeat the process for the insert sheets.

Once the card cover and the inserts have been printed you need to then attach them together. With your ribbon, cut both ends of the ribbon to angles – this make threading the ribbon through the holes a little easier.  Start from the back, you should have a plain back cover, three insert sheets and a front cover. 

Once both ribbons are pulled through to the front, tie into a bow to complete your wedding cheque book invitations.

And there you have it, your beautiful cheque book wedding invitations.

If you would like to WIN a free set of cheque book wedding invitations, simply leave a comment below here on the blog.

I will enter each comment into a draw, and we will post them to one lucky random winner. The winner will be selected and announced here on the blog on 1st May. Only 1 comment per person please.

Good Luck!

Any questions, please feel free to email me

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Handmade Paper flowers

Step by Step Tutorial for Hand Made 
Recycled Paper Flowers

Here's how to make these gorgeous handmade paper flowers

Step 1

To make these gorgeous recycled paper flowers, firstly, you need to purchase one of our paper kit from our website  In your paper flower kit, you will see die cut pieces of paper like this:

 Step 2   To make the flower, you need to carefully roll the paper from the end until you reach the middle  like this:

Step 3

Once you have reached rolling to the middle part of the paper flower, you need to add the glue to the large middle part. Once you let go of the rolled flower, it will naturally unroll slightly, this is ok, as you want the flower petals to look a little looser.

 I find that lifting the rolled flower in one hand and squeezing a blob of glue under the rolled part works best. You then need to add another blob of glue to the rest of the middle part, and squeeze the flower together like this :

Step 4

Leave the glue to set for 20 minutes; then start to bend your petals. By moving and bending the petals, you create a more natural look for your petals.

Depending on which kit you have purchased, you can create fantastic button holes by glueing a pin to the back.

Our flower kits are available in brown kraft card, cream vintage fleck card (as show in our diagram’s) or plantable and growable seed card. They can be used to decorate your wedding favours or invitations, or as button holes for your guests.

Why not create a lasting memory of your special day, by planting your button hole? Once your button hole has been used, it can then be planted where it will produce a wide range of British Wildflowers.

Our gorgeous plantable seed paper is hand made with Contains British Wildflower Seeds. Seeds included are;- Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Snapweed, Black Medick, Common Vetch, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Ox-eye Daisy, Ribwort Plantain, Red Campion, Self Heal, White Campion, Yarrow, Browntop Bent, Red Fescue, Crested Dogstail, Meadow Fescue and Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass.

Additional flower kits can be purchased on our website: