Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gatefold Card Tutorial

                                   SQUARE GATEFOLD CARD TUTORIAL

Hi Everyone,

Today we have been busy designing some new cards for our website, and thought we would share a lovely tutorial with you. We have some new Square gatefold cards and DL size gatefold card kits, both are now available in our shop.

Here we have printed on one of square gatefold card inserts as a wedding invitation, added one of our brown paper doilies and completed the card with some gorgeous wired ribbon from Jane Means (www.janemeans.com) and simply finished with a printable tag and a handmade paper flower.

Print the insert card with your desired birthday message, wedding invitation details or Christmas greeting as above.. 

Use doubled sided tape to adhere your printed insert to the middle part of the card base. 

You then need to add double sided tape to the back side of the paper doilie, and place centrally onto the front left hand flap of the card. 

This is so your card can open and close without the doilie sticking to the opposite side of the card. 

Add your ribbon, and a printable tag with your printed message or wedding date, tie a bow with your wired ribbon, and add a paper flower to finish!
Our Supplies:

Square Gatefold card kit here:
brown paper doilie here:
wired ribbon from Jane Means here:
Recycled paper flower here:

                                                             DL GATEFOLD CARD TUTORIAL 

The same principle applies to the DL gatefold card kits, except you can punch holes to tie your twine or ribbon to the front of your card.

print your insert card and add double sided tape the the back of the card and adhere to the middle of the folded card.

Measure 105mm lengthways in and score a faint line using a braddle on the inside of your card 

and do the same again on the opposite flap.

Measure the width inside and add a score line to meet 15mm, this is where you need to punch your holes on both sides.

Thread your jute twine,or ribbon from the back of the card, and tie into a bow at the front. here we have added one of our printable tag to complete the card.

Our Supplies:

 DL Gatefold card kit here
Recycled paper flower here:
printable tags here

hope you like them!

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