Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wedding Cheque Book Invitations

Wedding Cheque Book Invitations


So many of my customers purchase wedding cheque book style invitations from my website, and have no idea how to print on them. Here we show you how to create these simple, but stunning cheque books style invitations for your wedding. 

The cheque book kits come with:

275gm Blank Brown kraft card front and back cover
3 x 100gsm Blank kraft paper insert sheets
Matching Brown Kraft 120gsm DL Envelopes

The covers and inserts are pre drilled, and creased to the left hand side.
The kits are available in packs of 25 cheque books.

Each cheque book ‘sheet’ comes pre-drilled, and creased, with a front and back cover and three insert sheets that can all be easily printed from your home printer. 

Firstly, using Microsoft word, you need to choose the paper size to print directly onto the sheets. Choose page layout, size, from the drop down menu choose DL long edge, this will change your page size to the correct size required to print onto your cover and inserts correctly.  

From the tabs at the top of the screen, choose home, then insert tab, then add text box, choose text direction tab, then rotate the text by 90 degrees so the text direction is in line with the DL size you want to print on.

You can add your designs, or artwork, and add your chosen wording. Remember to leave at least a 20mm gap at the left hand side when typing for the creasing and the drill holes.

Repeat this process for your insert sheets adding the details of your wedding date, time and location, the remaining sheet can be a rsvp to your guests etc.

                                                                                                                                                                                       You need to then alter your printer tray to fit the card and insert sheets like this:

There is usually a DL indicated or Envelope indicator printed on the paper tray. Move the tabs at the side so the card cover fits. Print on the reverse side of the card with the two holes nearest to you.  Repeat the process for the insert sheets.

Once the card cover and the inserts have been printed you need to then attach them together. With your ribbon, cut both ends of the ribbon to angles – this make threading the ribbon through the holes a little easier.  Start from the back, you should have a plain back cover, three insert sheets and a front cover. 

Once both ribbons are pulled through to the front, tie into a bow to complete your wedding cheque book invitations.

And there you have it, your beautiful cheque book wedding invitations.

If you would like to WIN a free set of cheque book wedding invitations, simply leave a comment below here on the blog.

I will enter each comment into a draw, and we will post them to one lucky random winner. The winner will be selected and announced here on the blog on 1st May. Only 1 comment per person please.

Good Luck!

Any questions, please feel free to email me


  1. What a beautiful demo, your invitations are just lovely. As we have a very small budget for our BIG day - I am going to have a go at making these. Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring! Sophie x

  2. this is a very creative wedding invitation idea that works!
    Boutique Bag Lady