Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wedding favour pouches

Wedding Favour Pouches

Hi everybody, I thought that it would be a good idea for my first blog to be a tutorial on how to make these lovely little favour pouches that so many of you have been asking me how to make!

Firstly, you need an A4 sheet of the 275gm Kraft card available from here the 300gm kraft card on my website is too thick and won't crease as easily.

Cut the A4 card to 8.5 x 11 inches.

Using your score board and scorer  score at 2, 5, 7 and 10" on the long edge of your card.  Turn the card to the shorter edge and score at 2 and 7". Hold the card horizontally with the 2" section at the top and cut off all the top section all but the 2" section to look like this:

It's important that you don't cut this section off as it is the tab for your pouch.

Cut the narrow piece at an angle to create tab for your double sided tape. 

Make vertical cuts at the bottom flap. This will be the bottom of the pouch. 

Add the double sided tape to the two larger of the flaps to look like this:

turn the card over and add to the flap with the slanted edges.

using a bone folder if you have one, crease all the flaps like this:

Fold the flap over with the double sided tape to match the opposite flap, this makes it easier to line up and stick together. 

now you need to fold in the two smaller flaps from the bottom of the box and remove the tape off the larger flaps :


you should now have a pouch with a bottom that looks like this:

this is the tricky bit, placing the sealed bottom of the pouch on your worktop with the open end facing up, use fingers to push either side of the pouch like this:

almost done! 

using a single hole punch, add two holes to the top flap, this will be where you add your ribbon or raffia.

Once you have added the two holes to the top flap, with the flap pushed down, use a pencil to mark where the hole matches on the pouch. Line up on the pouch and punch two more holes.  At this stage you could either cut with pinking shears or a border punch die on the flap if desired.

Add ribbon or raffia ribbon by starting to thread from the inside of the pouch, I  find it best to twist the ends of the ribbon or raffia first to get through the holes ok. Feed the raffia or ribbon through both holes from the back of the pouch and cut to make sure you have two equal lengths.

Pull your ribbon or raffia up through the top 2 holes, add a tag at this stage if required by threading through the ribbon before tying.

At this stage you need to add your choice of fillings.

Tie your bow and trim ends as required and your done!

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